Picasso at the Seattle Art Museum

I saw the Picasso exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum

Picasso at the window

yesterday. I can say that without question it is the finest exhibition I’ve ever seen at SAM in the past 25 years.  It is truly a blockbuster and if you are living in the Seattle metro region it is a must-see. It is extensive, comprehensive, and beautifully displayed, giving the viewer  a broad spectrum of the massive productivity of this 20th century master. There is even a glimpse into the inspiration of a few of his large scale public works.

There were a couple of quotes of his displayed on the walls that I thought were particularly poignant for all art making and for public art practice too.

“ Art is not made to decorate rooms. It is an offensive weapon in the defense against the enemy.”

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”   Pablo Picasso

When I think of his infamous painting “Guernica”, one of the great anti-war masterpieces of all time, these quotes resonate for me.

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12 2010


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