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  • You call THAT Art?!!!!

  • WHO paid for that?!

  • Why is that there and WHAT does it mean?

  • Is that a car wreck or a masterpiece??

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Have you ever seen a sculpture that as far as you can tell looks more like a car wreck than a modern masterpiece? Most people, diagnosis whether from a teeming metropolis, see a burg on the interstate or a small town in the heartland can answer yes to that question. In this weekly half-hour series, viagra Professor John T. Young hops on his Harley and takes us on a journey that will demystify works of public art. Some of the works you may have taken for granted, some of it you may have considered an eye sore, some works you may not even have known was art. To anyone who has ever muttered the words You Call That Art?!...this show’s for you.

Professor Young takes us on-location for an up close, hands on look at the public art in our parks, cities and towns. He will introduce us to the art, the stories, and the controversies surrounding public art. In personal interviews many of the artists will tell us how they see the world through their work. While exploring their studios or enjoying a beer with Professor Young at their favorite watering holes the artists will reveal their inspirations, intentions and the concepts surrounding their art. We’ll also meet the people behind the scenes who select and commission these works…Wait a minute… You Call That Art?!…Who’s paying for this stuff?…

The program premiered in November of 2010 on KCTS-9, Seattle, Washington.

Watch the pilot program now!

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